My main skills are in 3D drawings, using programs like Inventor or Solidworks but im also trying to learn more about Fusion. They all have they pros and cons, but as long as im able to draw things in 3D I will.


Here is a short list of some of the skills I got, but the far from represent all the things im capable of, so if you wanna know more about what I could offer your company or other - send me a message and I will gladly tell you more about myself and what im capable of.

Inventor - 75%

Solidworks - 55%

Microsoft office - 45%

Creativity - 90%


Creative soul

I always strive to leave or see some art in the world.

3D finess

I hone my skills by drawing various objects that I lay my eyes on.


I always wanna learn new things and better my current skills.


Here you can see the educations I have taken in the past - Im proud of the all and the reflect the things I wanna work with

2010 - 2012

Technical designer


Passed the education with a "10 / B / Den fortrinlige præsentation"

This education have been the best one so far, it allows me to combine my creative soul with IT !

2001 - 2003



Passed the education with a "9 / Den gode præsentation"

IT have always been a big passion of mine.


10 Klasse

This was a amazing year in my life where I learned alot and meet on of my bestest friends.



Quiet guy with a lot of interest in what the world have to offer, and I live by my own motto "See that, which no one else does" From all the simple things in life like a leaf dancing in the wind, or the amazing structurs that humans a able to build, or simply just a kind act from one human to another - there are so much to see.

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