3D Projects


Here you will be able to see past projects, new project or simply just things that have given me inspiration, I hope that it will do the same for you!



This is simply just a collective image gallery of all the things i have done in the past.


  • Enjoy
  • Get inspired!
  • Feel the urge to create
  • Go be the most awesome you can be!

Sad golf ball


The original art is not something I have done, but I felt inspired to make it as a 3D piece, and in a collaboration with "RS 3D print" we started making this little piece, and will be printed with multi-colored 3D print.


  • Morbid but cute
  • 3D printed
  • Multi-colored print
  • Awesome

Wall mount - "The gear"


This project are inspired by something called "steampunk" which made me wanna make a wall mount using "gears" but they also had to be functionel, so this wall mount can be connected with as many gears as you would like.


Store anything you like in the small container, at each gear teeth


  • 3D printed
  • Several colors to choose from
  • A container for each teeth
  • Connect all the gears you like, and spin them all together.



Quiet guy with a lot of interest in what the world have to offer, and I live by my own motto "See that, which no one else does" From all the simple things in life like a leaf dancing in the wind, or the amazing structurs that humans a able to build, or simply just a kind act from one human to another - there are so much to see.

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