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[Steam Squad] - Tactical 2D game




The intel gathered, points towards a big research facility on the outskirts of "Lubbeek" where various experiments and weapon research are being conducted, not much information about the weapon research are known but there are whispers about a fire-breathing weapon, and mechanical walking tanks, these kind of weapons could have a devastating effect to the overall war effort, and the fact that all attempts to infiltrate the facility have failed, makes it the highest priority in the war effort, and have been given the codeword "Cataclysm"


Try the game here -> STEAM SQUAD

Twitch integrated overlay


When im making my game [Steam squad] I stream my progress on twitch and youtube. for that purpose im making this overlay which the viewers can interact with, by playing small games etc.


YouTube channel: youtube/crudecastle

Twitch channel: twitch/crudecastle



Quiet guy with a lot of interest in what the world have to offer, and I live by my own motto "See that, which no one else does" From all the simple things in life like a leaf dancing in the wind, or the amazing structurs that humans a able to build, or simply just a kind act from one human to another - there are so much to see.

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